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Why We Do Not Accept Consignments

The first comment we receive when customers see our beautiful pre-loved luxury items in our shop is “I didn’t know you took consignments”. The answer is we don’t take consignments and all items are owned by the shop. There are several reasons why we don’t:

  1. There are so many luxury brands available and within those brands, different products. There is no way a consignment shop with a handful of employees can be authorities on authenticity on multiple brands and products within those brands. Even if a potential consignor had original box, tags and receipts; that is still not proof the item is authentic because those too are counterfeited. 

    All of our items are sourced and authenticated by experts of companies who sell “wholesale” to small boutiques like ours. They financially guarantee the authenticity of the items we purchase from them. We do add another layer of authenticity in the shop for all items with a retail value of $300 or more to provide to our buyers an additional layer of trust. We do this utilizing artificial intelligence software and it’s the holy grail in the industry. It’s called Entrupy and it’s 99.1% accurate and is also financially backed. If you are curious as to how we source our items, you can check out two US based companies and their reputations who sell to boutiques like ours: Marque Luxury and LePrix. 
  2. Consignment shops job is to get the most money for an item as possible to please the consignors and make them happy and attract more consignors. This is a great business model if you are a consignor but not if you are a buyer. Since we own all of our product, we don’t have consignors to appease and hence can offer our buyers more competitive pricing.
  3. Since we source from big companies, we are not dependent on consignors to supply our shop with pre-loved luxury goods. Our supply of items is literally unlimited and we get to hand select what comes to the shop based on brand, condition and price point. This allows us to offer the best of the best!