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Pre-Loved & Vintage Luxury Bags and Accessories

Enjoy shopping our very own selection of curated luxury and designer goods and accessories!

We guarantee all of our items to be 100% authentic.  We do not purchase any items from customers nor accept consignments.  We also do not source our items from eBay or any other on-line resale sites. 

We also absolutely do not sell nor do we approve the practice of making or selling items that have been "up-cycled" or "re-cycled" using a company's "authentic" canvas with it's logo to manufacture new items or apply part of that canvas on another item and sell it.  This is illegal. Here are some interesting legal cases involving this practice:



All of the luxury and designer items we stock in the shop are sourced from a company in Europe who ONLY sells to small boutiques like ourselves.  They have the technology and resources to authenticate each item and along with us; stand behind each item being 100% authentic. In order for us to purchase from them, we had to be fully vetted by providing them with our Federal EIN number and Virginia resale sales tax certificate among other proof.

After we receive the items from our supplier, we go the extra mile and once again verify authenticity with artificial intelligence software utilizing the most trusted company in the world for 3rd party authenticators, Entrupy. You can be rest assured that any pre-loved item you purchase from us with be 100% authentic.  This is an unconditional guarantee and is financially backed by Entrupy...and us of course as we offer a money-back guarantee. 

When you purchase previously loved designer items from us:

  • you are guaranteed the item is 100% authentic
  • you are making an investment (luxury goods continue to increase in value)
  • you are saving money by purchasing pre-owned
  • previously owned items are sustainable 
  • you won't faint when you get your first "boo-boo" on your item versus had you purchased brand new
  • scarcity -- which further drives up the value!
  • value -- when you buy pre-loved luxury and use them for a few years; you can always resell them when you get tired of them AND recoup most of your money back!  It's like 'renting'. 

And when you purchase them locally -- you are able to see, feel and touch the items yourself.  Quality is so important to us and often times the items being sold on the internet are in somewhat poor used condition.  We only sell items that are ready to use and wear today without any refurbishment and/or repair.  Of course they may have very minor imperfections or what we call "love". 

We are currently receiving new inventory of previously loved designer items about every 3-4 days.  Come visit our shop and see what's new or follow us on Instagram to see new arrivals before they are listed on our website.

NOTE:  We are not directly affiliated with any of the luxury brands for the items we are selling. We only sell pre-owned and vintage items.