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Our Luxury Products Authentication Services


We would be happy to verify authenticity of a luxury brand bag, small leather good, etc. you may have purchased pre-loved at another store or on-line and are perhaps questioning the authenticity of it.  Or perhaps you already own a luxury bag or wallet and would like to sell but need verification to the buyer that it is in fact real.

We charge $39 for each verification with Entrupy.  The verification will result in one of two determinations:  Authentic or Unidentified.  The process will take approximately 10 minutes and the results are obtained anywhere between 10 minutes and 24 hours. Once we obtain the results; we will email them to you and you can then print out the COA. We can conduct your verification everyday except Sundays and Mondays but please call or text the store to ensure the service is available on the day you wish to visit.


*Hermes - Excluded are animal skins and canvas.  In addition, we are unable to validate any of the following Hermes styles:  Birkin, Kelly, Haute a Courroies, Constance, Lindy, 24:24, Jypsiere, Cinhetic, Berline, 2002 & Toolbox.

If you purchased your item somewhere else and believe it is a fake and are trying to get your money back, utilizing a professional third party authenticator (that's us) is your only way of recovering your money....or putting your mind at ease.