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Tips on Purchasing Authentic Pre-Owned Luxury Goods

We would love to be your No. 1 source for all pre-loved and vintage luxury goods but we realize we may not have in stock the exact item you are searching. 

To assist you in your search, whether it be in-store or on-line; we would like to help you obtain an authentic pre-loved luxury item and not a counterfeit. We are 100% against counterfeit goods (that includes fakes, copies or replicas).  Counterfeit merchandise is often tied to child labor, money laundering, drug trafficking and more. It is also illegal to buy and sell counterfeit items!


  • do business with any person or company who only accepts wire transfer, money orders,  zelle or Venmo.  

  • do business with any company or person who indicates that "all sales are final".

  • purchase from any company on social media who does not also have a website. 

  • do business with any website that does not clearly show their physical address and provide a phone number.  

  • do business with any company or person only selling brand new luxury items (this of course excludes the brands' own websites and nationally known retailers).

  • only consider price.  The condition of an item will greatly impact the price!  There's no "apples to apples" comparison when shopping vintage and pre-loved luxury items. 


  • only buy from companies that will refund your money should the item turn out to be unauthentic.

  • only purchase from companies who have a phone number and website.

  • only purchase from individuals who are based in AND shipping from the USA. Buying overseas often looks less expensive but beware of hefty duties and import fees you may have to pay.

  • ask the seller what proof they have that the item you are buying is authentic (this includes consignment shops as well).

Did you purchase a pre-loved or vintage luxury item and now question the authenticity of the item?  We can help!