Curate your luxury collection with confidence! Authenticated pre-loved luxury.

For Shop & Business Owners

Are you a retail store owner seeking to add an additional revenue stream to your shop, increase foot traffic and broaden your customer base?

We have a unique program for other retailers to generate additional revenue AND attract new customers without any investment.

We supply retailers with a beautiful lock & key all-glass cabinet occupying less than 3 square feet of retail space and fill it with authentic pre-loved luxury items.  Items we fill it with depend on each individual store as we cater to your market.  Every 2-3 weeks, we completely swap out the items for fresh inventory -- this keeps customers coming back to see what's new!  If we see more wallets selling than bags; we bring more wallets.  If we see that higher priced items are not moving; we bring in items with lower price points.  If we observe one specific brand selling more than others -- we bring more of that brand.  It's a fully customized program specific only to your store!

Let's talk profit. In the less than 3 square feet of space our glass cabinet would occupy; you will generate more profit per square foot than Target and Walmart does in sales per square foot...combined!  One of the best metrics in determining retail success is in fact sales per square foot.  There are other metrics but this one is the holy grail.  

  • no risk
  • no investment
  • fresh product every 2-3 weeks
  • no merchandising
  • all product backed by our authenticity guarantee
  • marketing of your store on our website & social media accounts

We are currently seeking retail locations that are a good fit for selling guaranteed authentic luxury bags & accessories in Charlottesville, Va. Beach and Williamsburg, Virginia.

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