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Stumbling Upon a New Skincare Line

In early June; I got away from the shop to visit my brand new and first ever granddaughter!  Unfortunately, my daughter lives in Ohio and it's about a nine hour drive from Richmond. This was my third visit to her home 
Skin, An Apothecary Skin Care Line

Skin, An Apothecary section at Wild Poppy

and each time I visit, we try to go somewhere new.  When I am out of Richmond, I try my best to do some research on new products lines.  When you own a shop, finding new products to keeps things fresh is always a priority.  I do that research by visiting other boutiques, again always outside of the town where our shop is located. 

Obviously since the baby was a mere 4 days old when I arrived; we didn't get around too much on this trip.  But after being there several days, my daughter who I consider a true champ of a new mother and who had a c-section started getting cabin fever.  We decided to go one day to an older established area of Dayton, OH called Oakwood.  

The area for shopping was quaint and included several several independent boutiques and some chain stores (Talbots, Chico's) plus a fabulous local market called Dorothy Lane!  I spent a lot of money there and still did not eat all of my fresh cherries for which set me back $24!

One of the boutiques we went to was called Wild Poppy.  The shop was absolutely beautiful and they carried some very nice merchandise and brands.  The owner was very gracious and showed me lines (after I told her I owned a shop in Virginia) that did very well for them.  Not only gracious, but she had great taste!  I love it when other shop owners in different towns share their knowledge of their business with me.  This says a lot about them. 

She had so many lovely things in her shop and one of the many things that caught my eye was a line of skincare (see photo) products called Skin, An Apothecary.  The owner said she had sold over a thousand in the past year and also indicated the product was made close by. She graciously gave me a sample of the Soy Body Whip in the Aquamarine scent to take with me.  The next morning I tried the Soy Body Whip, which was really thick and creamy, on my hands and neck and was blown away!  My skin glowed but was not at all greasy.  It was almost like my skin just totally absorbed it but left behind a beautiful sheen.  The Aquamarine fragrance was subtle but clean smelling. 

Having had my laptop with me so I am able to 'work' while away; I started researching the company Skin, An Apothecary and their history. Come to find out, the company has been in business for 30 years and even had their own skincare stores in Aspen and Vail catering to the elite. I figured if the line is good enough for the elite, it's good enough for my shop!  I immediately got in touch with the owner, which by the way is the niece of the original owner and ordered our first shipment of Soy Body Whip!  

The response from our customers after them having tried the Soy Body Whip was overwhelming and let's just say the rest is history!  We now carry the Salt Glow, Sugar Glow, French Hair Paste and next week the Suds arrive. We will continue to add-on products from this fabulous line as we personally test them ourselves. 

And my beautiful granddaughter?  She is the sweetest little thing ever and I am thankful to have been able to visit with her for a week during her first 10 days in to this world.

Have you tried any products by Skin, An Apothecary?  Do you have any questions about this line?  Please feel free to leave us a comment.


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