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Let's Talk Turkish Towels!

Our shop has always carried Turkish hand towels and just recently we started stocking Turkish bath/beach towels in addition to Turkish throws!

Turkish towels are also known as foutas, peshtemal and hamman towels.  Traditionally, they are 100% cotton (although we do carry cotton/bamboo blend in bath size towels as well).  They dry very fast making them environmentally friendly and anti-bacterial. The larger towels (bath/beach) are large enough that you can also use as a sarong, beach blanket, scarf, tablecloth or a drape at the end of your bed during the summer.  And because they are thin (don't let that fool you -- they are the perfect towel for which to travel).

Firstly, all of our Turkish towels are indeed from Turkey and are tagged "made in Turkey".  Secondly, we import all of our Turkish towels directly from Turkey ourselves, skipping the middleman altogether and since we are acting as our own importer; we are able to offer our customers competitive pricing!  On top of that...our business has been booming and we are buying more in bulk and are able to obtain better pricing and have passed the savings on to our customers, reducing the retail pricing of our Turkish hand towels from $15 to $12 each!  

Our Turkish Towels are available in so many colors!

Our Turkish hand towels come in solids (yes, including all white) and some have stripes.  We have some with muted soft colors and others that are rich, bright and bold for a nice pop of color!  Turkish hand towels are great in the kitchen and bathroom -- ours measure 39" x 15".  Use in the bathroom for hand drying and also to wrap your hair up when you get out of the shower!  Because they are thin -- you won't feel like you are walking around with a huge 50 pound headdress on (remember the I Love Lucy episode)?

 One of my very favorite I Love Lucy episodes!

Our Turkish bath/beach towels are perfect for drying off after you exit from the shower, as they absorb water and dry quickly.  Ever shower in the morning and use the same towel in the evening and find it is still wet?  Not with Turkish towels! And they take up way less space in your linen closet which is important especially if you have a beach house with a tiny linen closet that needs to hold a lot of towels for guests (like one of our clients). 

Turkish Towels make great beach towels!

When traveling, our Turkish bath/beach towels are perfect to take along because they don't take up much space in your suitcase!  So why bring along your own towel when you travel?  Have you ever been on a cruise ship or at a resort and everyone "reserves" their chairs in the mornings with the same towels provided by the hotel or cruise ship?  Yes, they all look the same!  Bring your own Turkish bath/beach towel and you will easily find your chair!  Plus, they double up as a wrap or a sarong! Also, from my own experiences traveling in Central Europe, the bath towels provided at boutique hotels were about the size of a loin cloth, barely enough to cover my bits!  Our 100% cotton Turkish bath/beach towels measure approximately 39" x 70" and retail for $20. We have a wide assortment of colors and patterns available including solids.  Don't forget, we also stock Turkish bath/beach towels that are a cotton/bamboo mix that are a slightly different size but for the same price. 

Turkish Cotton/Bamboo Blend Bath/Beach Towel


Turkish Towels can be used as wraps or sarongs! 

Our Turkish Throws are 100% cotton and are in a beautiful herringbone pattern; they are available in three neutral colors with light grey being my favorite! These can be used as summer throws for your sofa or bed. They measure 94" x 86" (that's huge) and such a deal at $49 each!

Our Turkish Throws are so soft, beautiful and huge!

So Why Turkish Towels?

  • The more you wash them, the softer they become
  • They take up less space and are great for travel
  • Multi-use (towel, sarong, wrap, tablecloth)
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Very absorbent
  • Quick drying -- great for the environment




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