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Learn More About our Original Beeswax Polish!

One of the many items we stock in our shop that you must absolutely NOT leave without is our Original Beeswax!  We use this product exclusively in our shop (and in my own home).  It replaces so many other products and IT WORKS!  

I cannot tell you how many customers have come in to our shop to give us their very own testimonial but you have to try it yourself to believe it.  Use it on stainless steel, leather, pleather, granite, shower doors and oh yea -- wood!  I used it on my daughter's black electric cooking range and it restored it to almost brand new!  I haven't had fingerprints on my stainless steel refrigerator in months.  Sweet tea that was spilled on top of the microwave that even a magic eraser would not remove -- gone when I used the Original Beeswax.  The only requirements is that you use a paper towel OR cotton towel.  You merely spray the Beeswax on the surface and wipe off.  No buffing! 

Beeswax is available in our shop and on our website. Try it today!

For those of you who already love this product, please feel free to leave a comment on your very own experience.




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