It's Wedding Season and I wanted to Share My Daughter's June Wedding


Wedding in St. John

June is probably the most popular month for weddings and my daughter's was no exception.  She was married exactly four years today at Gallows Point in St. John, U.S.V.I.

She wanted to originally have a destination wedding in Hawaii but I nixed that idea pretty fa$t!  Although she had never been to St. John, I recommended it having been myself several times.  I still can't believe she agreed to get married at a place she had never seen first hand!  I think it's probably the first time she actually listened to me.

Although St. John is an island in the Caribbean; there was really nothing "beachy" about her wedding at all (except for maybe a tiny tropical flower on the cake).  So basically, a very traditional wedding (if there is such a think now a days) in front of a gazebo with a stunning backdrop of crystal clear water and remote islands.  It was truly stunning!

Because the island of St. John has very limited resources; I had to shlep with me a couple of items to make my daughter's wedding even more memorable and special.  These are items I carefully sought out to both make the wedding more special and also to remain as a keepsake of their union for the new couple.

First of all, I am a southerner my heart and love monograms but really only limited to monogrammed bed linens, towels and glassware.  My daughter on the other hand is a monogram fanatic and will monogram anything and everything!  I also like traditional/classic or contemporary monograms, nothing whimsical.

My idea was to have a pair of champagne flutes each individually monogrammed for the bride and groom in addition to having a champagne bucket monogramed in the couple's joint monogram.  The champagne flutes were to represent each one individually and the champagne bucket was to represent their union (hence the joint monogram).  

The flutes were made of high quality glassware and the champagne bucket was from Poland.  All the pieces were monogrammed using a wheel engraving technique dating back to the 16th century (so NOT the machine laser technique used most commonly today).  The pieces were and are still beautiful.  

So yes, I had to shlep those breakable items all the way to St. John AND back and yes, none got broken!  And guess what I did with the champagne bucket?  I had our lovely Resa arrange a beautiful faux succulent arrangement in it with real soil and a couple of wedding mementos and I presented it to the couple on Christmas as a gift.  The lovely keepsake sits on their entry table and they are enjoying it year-round instead of storing it in a cabinet.  Perfect. 

Monogrammed Champagne Bucket & Flutes

You can purchase those very same champagne flutes and champagne bucket (which can also be used as an ice bucket and does come with ice tongs) as I did on our website in addition to other pieces of monogrammed glassware using the same century old engraving technique. I promise, you'll love the quality! 



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