How to Use a Fragrance Reed Diffuser

Reed Diffusers are safe alternatives to candles and can look beautiful in a room, actually becoming a piece of decor.  They look beautiful on a stack of books, on a mantle or on a shelf.

Reed Diffusers usually won't have as strong as a scent throw as a good candle but are perfect for small spaces like bathrooms or a section of a larger room.  There are exceptions of course and one is our Fresh Linen Fragrance Reed Diffuser by Soy Science that will indeed fill a room with fragrance!  It's so powerful, you might even have to remove a reed or two.

A Reed Diffuser's longevity depends on several factors:

  1. The total volume of fragrance oil in the bottle
  2. The amount of (if any) alcohol in the blend
  3. The quality of the product
  4. How often the reeds are flipped over
  5. The number of reeds in the bottle
  6. The amount of humidity in the air

Reed Diffusers are more expensive than candles due to the high amounts of fragrances in the blend (the most costly ingredient) but last much longer than candles.  In addition, high quality Reed Diffusers that are blended here in the USA and are free of alcohol and phosphates, are non-toxic and VOC compliant will cost more than many of those being imported from Asia. 

How to Use a Fragrance Reed Diffuser:

  1. Gently shake bottle of Fragrance Diffuser before opening
  2. Insert all the reeds in to the bottle, then immediately flip over the reeds* and insert in to bottle
  3. The oil will now start to carry up the reeds and after a few days, the reeds will be fully saturated.
  4. For additional fragrance throw -- flip reeds once a week.  If fragrance is too strong, remove a reed or two.  For added fragrance; add more reeds.
  5. It's always a good idea to replace your reeds every couple of months as the reeds become saturated with fragrance oil and the fragrance oil is no longer traveling up the reeds.
  6. Enjoy!

*Please note when flipping the reeds; please do so on a safe surface.  The oil in the base can damage fabric and furniture. Always keep these types of products away from children and pets.




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