How to Hang Art on the Wall Perfectly!

Frustrated with hanging art on your wall only to end up with unnecessary additional nail holes? Well, I have a system that works perfectly just about every time!  And there are no tools or gadgets to buy -- you only need painter's tape and a level.

My system works for any type of art, frames, photos, pictures, etc. whether you are displaying by themselves, in pairs or doing a gallery wall or grid.

In this example I am showing you how to do a gallery or grid design using four framed prints.

First of all, lay out your art on the floor upside down EXACTLY how you want it to hang on the wall.  Even if you are using all the "same" prints -- still make sure you lay them out on the floor exactly how you want them displayed on the wall.  This is due to sometimes you may have the "same" print but the hanging brackets are not placed exactly the same on the frames (trust me, I know this from first hand experience).


Next, take painter's tape and run a piece the entire width of your pieces and the entire length, making sure to include a piece of tape over the hangers or brackets.  This gives you both an outline of what your artwork will look like on the wall and where to place your nails on the wall.


Next, look for the brackets (or feel for them) and take a ballpoint pen and mark on the tape where the nail holes should go.  It's better to actually puncture the tape with the pen, making a hole in the tape.


Carefully remove all the tape IN ONE PIECE and apply to the wall.  This gives you a "visual" of how your art will look on the wall.  Use a leveler to make sure the top horizontal piece is level.


*Due to the angle when I took the photo, it looks like the vertical piece on the right is longer but it's not.

Look for the holes in the tape you created and hammer nails in to the wall in the exact spots.


Remove the tape and you will see all the nail holes.


Hang your art and enjoy!


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