Experimenting with French Hair Paste

I like to try as many products as I can BEFORE stocking them in the shop.  I don't like to recommend any products to our customers unless we stand
behind them 100%!  Always on the look out for unique products not sold on every corner in addition to actually delivering what they claim; French Hair Paste by Skin, An Apothecary did not disappoint!  This unique hair conditioner was provided to us as a sample I requested with our latest shipment of their Soy Whip, Salt Glow and Sugar Glow which the shop was already carrying. To learn how I stumbled upon this wonderful company, read my blog entry.

Before I talk about my experience using French Hair Paste this morning, I want to explain that I probably have 3 x the amount of hair as most humans!  Not only did God give me a lot of hair (thankful now that I am older); he blessed me with course, curly hair as well.  As you can imagine, humidity is not my friend! 

For the past 10 years, I have been using Wen products exclusively with doing a traditional shampoo/condition maybe about four times a year (I have used different brands for this depending upon what I have in my haircare arsenal). I love Wen, always have.  It was truly the first hair cleansing product I could use where I did not have to use a flat iron after blow drying (only for special occasions).  No, I am not being paid nor getting any free product for advocating Wen (I only wish)!

This morning I was so excited to try my sample of French Hair Paste!  First I washed my hair with what I had on hand at the moment and that was Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Sulfate Free Shampoo.  After I squeezed the excess water from my hair, I applied what amounted to being over 1/3 of my 2 oz. sample jar.  The directions say apply 1 teaspoon of product to wet hair but that's for normal people I suspect.  After working the product in to my hair, it turned in to a somewhat white foamy mix but not the kind of foam you get from regular shampoo. This was more to the liking of whip cream which I'm all for that!  So different than what I was expecting as most conditioners I have used (Wen included) go on creamy and have more of a silicone feel.  After working it in to my hair and leaving on for about 5 minutes (the directions do not state you have to leave on for 5 minutes) while I went about my shower; I thoroughly rinsed with lukewarm water as the directions stated.  

What I noticed when my hair was damp after using French Hair Paste was that it felt really clean AND soft but without the silicone or waxy feel you sometimes get from other conditioners (Wen included).  

Now on to the blowout!  Blew out my hair using absolutely NO other products -- nope, nada, none!  Even with Wen, I do use a little bit of their styling cream before my blow out. 

My hair was soft, not greasy, full of body and no frizz!  Clean, healthy hair with no product weighing it down and might I add -- I did not have to use a flat iron on it.  Totally success! 

The real test is the humidity test but today is a beautiful day in Richmond, VA with almost no humidity so today is not going to be the day to test my hair using French Hair Paste against humidity.  But frankly, I have found NO product on the market that will combat humidity on my head of hair anyway.

Every hair type is different and no one product works for everyone but the French Hair Paste worked for me.  When Resa gets back from her vacation in Aruba; I am going to have her try French Hair Paste and submit her two cents.  She, unlike me, has GREAT hair so I am curious to see and hear her experience with French Hair Paste.  

But for now, I can say we absolutely WILL BE carrying French Hair Paste by Skin, An Apothecary in the shop!  I say so because I am also the boss!

And a final note, as mentioned above, I had asked for the product sample to be sent to me and was not paid for this review by the company.  

Have your tried this product before?  Do you have any questions about it?  We'd love to hear from you!




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