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A New Granddaughter and Matching Bracelets!

Most people who know me personally, know that I love most things custom, monogrammed and/or meaningful.  Jewelry that meets most of that criteria is a real weakness for me.  Although not custom but certainly meaningful; whenever my daughter and I travel together we buy matching bracelets. It is our special little connection and reminder of a good time. Usually not expensive by any means, they are just little tokens of memories we shared.  In fact, most only cost $5 to $10 each but again it is not the price but what they represent. In addition, for my daughter's wedding, we also had matching pearl bracelets my daughter purchased (although I forgot to bring mine to her wedding!)  My bad.

When I found out my first grandchild by my only child was going to be a girl; I wanted to include her in my daughter's and my bracelet tradition. I was fortunate enough (call it luck or destiny) to stumble upon a jeweler who hand crafted simple yet elegant bracelets to my specifications at what I would call a very nominal charge. 

So I had three bracelets made, one for each of us.  Mine is all 14k gold filled because I am the grandmother and of course gold is sometimes a status symbol.  In my case the status is "grandmother".  My daughter and my granddaughter's bracelets match exactly and are .925 sterling silver with 14k gold filled accents.  All the bracelets feature a simple fresh water pearl.  Now when I say they match exactly; I am referring to design because the baby's bracelet is soooo tiny and so sweet!  I had it made so she could wear it around the age of 2 to 3 but a newborn size is also available. These bracelets represent our unity and three generations of women with a strong bond unlike anything else. 

These very same bracelets plus a few more options (such as birthstones instead of pearls) are now available on our website.  We teamed up with the designer to bring these very special keepsakes to our customers.  I know you will love them as much as I do!

And for all those bracelets I have that match or coordinate with my daughter's?  They are stored together separate from my other jewelry in a special box and one day I will write a note and include it in the box so when I pass; she will find them and the note and know how much those memories I shared with her meant to me.







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